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Get Satellite TV in Your Apartment or Condo


Many cable television subscribers have been wondering, can I get satellite TV at my condominium? The answer to that may take a little research, but in most situations the answer is yes.

For a long time, those living in condos, apartments, and town homes had only one choice, their cable television, company, usually Time Warner Cable or Comcast. Most with private porches and balconies have been able to install a satellite dish out there and then connect to satellite TV programming. Recent decisions by the Federal Communications Commission have changed the rules in favor of satellite television providers like DirecTV and Dish Network.

If you live in a condo or apartment, and you just don't want to miss out on the NFL Sunday Ticket deal again this season, the first thing to do is inquire with your management company or land lord and ask about satellite TV. Many condo associations have been wired to share a satellite TV system already. This is the case in many big, multi-unit condominiums. In these situations, usually one or more satellite TV systems have already been placed on the top of the building, and then signals is transferred to a central distribution point in the building.

Now if your building doesn't have a shared satellite dish, you can ask if you can have your own satellite dish placed on the roof if its in close proximity to your condo, or on the top of the building itself if there is room there. At times, this is where issues can come up.. Property managers usually do not like a satellite dish attached to the top of their apartment unit. If they do not allow this, you still have options. If you have a patio or small deck that has a southern facing exposure, you can have the satellite system mounted on the railing out there.

A factors to consider here is if that area is a private balcony. If it is not shared, you can probably do whatever you desire with that area. If in doubt, you can also investigate things by simply walking around your apartment complex and see if your neighbors deck areas have satellite dish systems set up. If there are several satellites set up, there is not anything to prevent you from setting up your own satellite dish system for your condominium.

To avoid problems in getting your satellite dish installed, the installer may ask you to provide a permission paper, which says your apartment manager, HOA or landlord does not have any issues with the satellite dish being mounted appropriately.

If you run into a problem where somebody in charge gives you a difficult time regarding a satellite dish installation, investigate the Federal Communications Commission website, as they define specific guidelines that local communities and homeowners associations must follow.

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