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Auto Detailing Made Easy - Must Read For a Car Owner


Auto detailing is a task for the persevering and patient person. Yes, this is true especially if you want to give your car that extra shine you won't get anywhere else. In this case, some people think that auto detailing is a task that is exclusive to some class of people with the perfect match in terms the behavioral requirements in this job. There is truism in this claim in some degree though.

We love our cars as we love our homes. Then, our cars deserve the best care that we could possibly afford in order to preserve it up to a certain extent. So, this is one of the basic reasons why many people consider auto detailing a mandatory service that cars should receive at certain time intervals.

So, how do you give your car some auto detailing service? If you do not have enough money but you have the patience and time together with some small amount of money for certain tools you will need, you can auto detail your car yourself. This is because unlike other vocational tasks, car detailing can be done if you only have the right amount of perseverance coupled with tools to do the job. You can then follow the steps that auto detailers do.

Here are some of the things you should consider when you are auto detailing.

1. Complete the tools you need to make auto detailing easy. Tools you will need are different sizes of brushes, finishing, wax, sealants, water buckets, sprayer, tire black, rags and other tools.

2. Interior detailing should come first before the exterior.

3. Vacuum all portions of the interior and make sure you remove dust from all surfaces and spot all carpeting then take away all dirt and dust. Also, make sure you clean all interior surfaces.

4. Give the interior a final touch up to clean portions that have not been very thoroughly cleaned.

5. Then, you can proceed in detailing the exterior of the auto. Put on some degreaser to tires and wheels.

6. Use different brushes to reach all portions. This is actually the heart of auto detailing-cleaning all hard to reach spots and details and making sure no form of dirt stays after car detailing.

7. Wash wheels thoroughly.

8. Wash the engine bay. Do this using hot water as this will make detailing this part easier.

9. Use APC-soap mixture in cleaning engine parts.

10. Then, rinse all fenders, support, underside and all painted parts.

11. Wash these parts of the car with hot water.

12. Check and remove all tar-based dirt.

13. Wash exterior from top to bottom.

14. Dry the body and perform spot drying.

15. Use clay if it is still needed.

16. Polish all painted portions and make sure you apply wax and sealants to appropriate portions only. Apply LSP and do some quick detailing to make sure no form of dirt whatsoever is left.

So, this is basically the list of steps that auto detailing shops do and you can also do the same to your cars or vehicles.

Auto detailing will prove to be rewarding if you know how to proceed with this task. You only have to follow this list of steps and be methodical when you do it.

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